About US........

A Supreme Consultants provides quality and affordable medical billing services, credentialling and practice management services. We rate our services with the highest professional staff and values our client’s success within their practices. Let A-Supreme Billing Consultants handle all your billing operations so you can focus on delivering the highest quality service to your patients.

Medical Billing 

Error Proof and Transparent Billing

Professional medical billers with over 20 years of experience to ensure smooth billing process for your practice.


Electronic and Manual Entry

Our company rely on error free data to ensure the delivery of our excellent coding services. Coders are the first line of defense to a successful claim submission. 


Will Collect Your Revenue

We have a successful team of qualified collectors who specialize in collecting revenue on Net 60 accounts. If you have outstanding collections- contact ASBC.

Full Service Revenue Cycle Management Service

Providing Excellence Service for Over 20 years

ASBC will not add additional marketing costs. This allows ASBC to extend a competitive monthly billing, Flat Rate or Percentage billing. ASBC also provide professional collection service to collect on your past due collections. ASBC, provides professional SME'S to ensure quality Billing, Coding and Collection solutions to independent practices of all sizes. Implementing quality assurance measures that allows our professionals to reduce billing errors that will increase the company profits and grow their business revenue much faster.