Medical Coding

Certified and experience coders with an automated workflow systems impacting the health care organization, utilizing billing practices methodologies and revenue cycle. 

ASBC, has a dedicated team of professional coders for your specific specialties.

Medical Billing

Experience medical-billing services with cost effective methods to services hospital & practices and allow physicians to focus on patient-call with their highest priority. 

ASBC, to provide end to end revenue cycle management services.

Account Receivables Collection

Accounts Receivables (AR), is a crucial point in the revenue operations. Monitoring the entire spectrum of past due accounts for medical facilities and physician practices and the profitability of repayment in a timely manner. 

ASBC, offers the latest AR technology in accounts receivables recovery that enables successful recovery of the health practice revenue.

AR is an integral part of collecting revenue and managing activities to coordinate with the billing team doctors, insurance companies and patient responsibility.